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SLY Design is a portfolio website design to showcase the work of Stacy Yang and her profession as a Graphic Designer. The project is design to integrate with a responsive desktop and mobile functionality. The website is a HTML5 and CSS3 layout design that consist of a 404page, Home Page with navigation hover effect with JS library, About Page, Portfolio Page with custom lightbox, custom hard coded Resume Page, and a PHP Contact Page.

Jennykoch Country Singer Jennykoch Country Singer Jennykoch Country Singer, a P&B Studio web collaboration. 5 pages HTML5 and CSS3 layout that includes: Home Page that consist of Facebook and Twitter widget to update up coming events, Media Page with video interaction, Music Page with audio interaction to play tracks, About Page and a Contact Page with a PHP contact form.

Rompsudz Rompsudz Rompsudz

Rompsudz is a promotional website, created to showcase packaging and branding. Products are originally created in Blender 3D, an opensource software. 3D texture are design with Adobe Illistrator and Photoshop and then imported to Blender. Usage of HTML5 and CSS3 for web layout and jQuery to enhance an elegant slideshow of the products.

Sinnypoofunfun Sinnypoofunfun Sinnypoofunfun, a website that show cases a variety of random arts and crafts. This website was build using Skeleton Frameworks as responsive optimization. A jQuery gallery responsive grid plugin is use to display arts and craft images. And all icons and logo are custom made.

Gradviceai Gradviceai Gradviceai is the WDIM (Web Design & Intermedia) Seniors of Fall 2013 at The Art Institutes Interational Minnesota. This website was created to showcase all the graduate, their porfolios, and a little game competition that was put together, by using instagram, follow by a #gradviceai and an graduation advice to all students. The website is intergrated with Javascript for smooth scrolling and auto fullpage detection, responsive using Skeleton Framework, and HTML5 and CSS3.

A crazy, fun person, who is passionate about work and enjoys pretty and colorful things.

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